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Cancellations, Returns & Exchanges
What we do not regard as faults
Product specifications & Timber Certification



To cancel your contract please notify us in writing to or by letter addressed to:

Furniture Importers,
Kirby's Yard,
Old Monmouth Road,

You can cancel your contract up to the end of the 7th day from the date you received the goods. You need not give a reason for cancelling your contract, but if the goods have been dispatched from our warehouse and are not faulty, you will be required to pay for transport costs.

You can arrange your own courier, however we advise you use our collection service to ensure items are received back with us in the same condition they were sent. Our collection charges are transport cost plus any de-assembly/dismantle costs. Upon collection our drivers will inspect the goods to ensure no damage has occurred whilst in your possession, you will then be asked to sign a collection form.

We may increase the price payable under the contract, having first given written notice to you. If we give a notice of price increase you have the right to cancel the order and receive a full refund.

If you cancel your contract during the cancellation period after you have received the goods you must not use them. Please take good care of them and ensure you keep the original packaging so they can be returned to us in a saleable condition. Should the goods not be in a re-saleable condition or be used without our permission, we reserve the right to refuse a refund or deduct a fee.

Cancellation by us

We reserve the right to cancel the contract between us if:
1) We have insufficient stock to deliver the Goods you have ordered
2) We do not deliver in your area
3) One or more of the Goods you ordered was listed at an incorrect price
4) If your funds fail to clear, or are later recalled.


You will be credited via the method you made payment as soon as possible and in any event within 30 days. Any goods have to be returned to us before this is issued. We will not be obliged to offer any compensation whatsoever.


If you wish to exchange non faulty goods for other goods then you will be responsible for transport cost and any de-assembly/dismantle cost. The goods must be in the same condition they were when delivered to you.


What We Don't Regards A Faults

When purchasing furniture, please bear in mind that our furniture is made from a natural product, and as such appearances may vary. The following are what may be appear as faults but are actually naturally occurring features of the products.

'Mottling' (or Medullary Rays, as it is officially known as), are the whitish marks in the grain in some oak furniture. They look like subtle wavy ribbon-like patterns across straight grain and appear as a result of ‘quarter-sawing’, a technique of cutting the wood. They are a natural blemish and highly sought after by some. We do not consider them as a fault and hope you don’t either. Consequently we do not exchange or refund goods as a result of these markings.

Knots in the wood and a minor use of wood filler
Both of the above are common in handcrafted furniture, knots are naturally occurring and wood filler is often used to fill these knots to ensure a more even finish.

Splits appearing over time
As wood is a natural product, it moves with changing temperatures and the environments it is in. As a result small or minor splits may appear over time.

Different shades of wood grain in the same item
This can occur from time to time, and we do ask our manufacturers to minimise this as much as possible.

Drawer or door is sticking
Again, as wood is a natural product, it expands and contracts dependant on the climate which can cause the occasional drawer or door to stick. Generally the issue will stop once it is settled in its permanent room of choice. If the problem consists, we suggest putting some wax on the runners and drawer sides, or sanding lightly with a fine sand paper. You could also try swapping the drawers.

Differences in spacing around doors and drawers
As our products are handmade, on rare occasion minor spacings may appear around doors and drawers. This may also be as a result of the wood expanding and contracting.


Product Specifications and Timber Certification

All of our furniture is made from quality natural wood and accordingly appearances may vary. Some woods will mellow with age and exposure to sunlight. Certain degrees of filler is used in making our oak furniture, this is common and very much part of the manufacturing process to ensure a high quality of finish.


Within some of our oak ranges real oak veneer panels are used. This a 3-5mm thick slice of real oak glued to a composite board such as plywood amongst others. This is common in the construction of handcrafted oak furniture. The use of veneers in handcrafted furniture is recognized as a far better way to guarantee against movement and/or splits in wider expanses of surfaces on such items as dining table tops or backs of bookcases and wardrobes.

Timber certification 

We only buy from manufacturers who buy wood from bona fide timber merchants. No certificates, no order, simples. We have copies of their suppliers’ certificates of sustainable timber supplies, these include The Rainforest Alliance and The American Hardwood Export Council and we can supply copies on request. Our manufacturers buy their oak from America and the pine from New Zealand; both countries are re-known for coveting wood harvesting sustainability.