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Trewick Range

Trewick Range Our oak range designed and made exclusively for us using top grade American oak and oak veneers, the chamfered corners and antique brass effect handles are perfectly suited to this understated but stylish range of furniture. With 40mm oak tops it is built to last a lifetime or more.

  • Trewick Oak Bookcase

    This Trewick Oak Bookcase with 5 solid shelves is a wonderful piece of furniture that can show off your books and ornaments in style. Solidly constructed in oak for long term durability, this large bookcase is great value for money and will fit into any room in the home. 

    sku: TK-01


  • Trewick Oak Small Sideboard

    Great storage potential within a compact frame, that’s what this Trewick Oak Small Sideboard gives you. Featuring 2 good sized drawers and a double width cupboard this unit has been carefully constructed to provide a robust and attractive addition to your room

    sku: TK-02
  • Trewick Oak Hutch for Small Sideboard

    Transform the Trewick Small Sideboard (TK-2) into a centrepiece or dresser with this versatile Oak Hutch. Three drawers and handy shelves compliment this attractive addition, providing extra storage to a small sideboard.

    sku: TK-03


  • Trewick Oak Large Sideboard

    This fantastic, 3 drawer, 3 cupboard unit is not only beautiful to look at, its practical, with a vast amount of storage capacity within its drawers for table linens, cutlery and such like as well as an immense shelved storage cupboard. 
    sku: TK-04


  • Trewick Oak Hutch for Large Sideboard

    Transform the Trewick large sideboard into a centrepiece or dresser with this versatile Trewick Oak Hutch. 
    sku: TK-05
  • Trewick Oak Coffee Table

    This beautifully crafted Trewick Oak Coffee Table is a solid and dependable addition to your home with a handy undershelf for keeping books, magazines etc. Part of the larger Trewick living range, this table suits a traditionally styled home.
    sku: TK-06
  • Trewick Oak Side Table

    Small yet perfectly formed, this Trewick Oak Lamp Table is an ideal addition to any room and spacious enough to hold most lamps or a couple of cups of coffee. A handy shelf underneath is great for storing magazines and books. Crafted to our usual high standards from solid oak, this lamp table will look at home in any traditionally styled room.
    sku: TK-07


  • Trewick Oak Console Table

    Perfect in a hallway, this Trewick Oak Console table with double drawers and lower shelf is a meticulously crafted piece of furniture that is great to look at and built to last. Ideal for displaying artwork, photos and lamps, as well as for storing your essentials on your way out the door. Crafted from solid oak and finished with brass effect handles.
    sku: TK-08
  • Trewick Oak Corner TV Unit

    This Trewick Oak corner TV unit is not only an excellent space saver, it's also exceptionally functional providing 2 lower drawers for storage and an undershelf for video and gaming equipment complete with rear cable access. Made from solid American Oak and finished with beautiful brass effect handles for a traditional take on the TV stand.

    sku: TK-10


  • Trewick Oak Wine Cabinet

    Store your wine in style with this Trewick Oak Wine Table. Crafted from solid oak and finished with beautiful brass effect handles, this table can store up to 20 bottles and includes extra storage with a full width drawer at the top.
    sku: TK-11
  • Trewick Oak Wine Unit

    Our Trewick Oak Wine Unit makes a great addition to any home. This attractive wine unit is a versatile performer with space to store up to 12 standard bottles, as well as a section to hang wine glasses. Additional storage is provided by a drawer and shelf section, making this unit an all round storage solution.
    sku: TK-20
  • Trewick Oak Wine Table

    One might argue that the storing of 16 bottles of wine on this Trewick Wine Table is enough to make it a worthwhile purchase however given that it also provides ample storage in the three available drawers and an under shelf area, we are confident this will be a best seller.
    sku: TK-21


  • Trewick Oak TV Unit

    Our Trewick Oak TV Unit is suitable for most modern TV sets. This stylish and attractive TV stand has two seperate drawers a perfect place to store games or DVD’s for easy access, and the main shelf has a hole in the back to allow for cable access. Crafted from solid oak and finished to our usual high standards with brass-effect handles, this TV Unit will look great in traditionally styled homes.
    sku: TK-17


  • Trewick Oak Large TV Unit

    The larger Trewick Oak TV stand with 2 glass panelled doors and sturdy shelf provides a perfect place for your TV and media equipment with cable access to the rear of the unit. Crafted from solid oak to our usual high standards, you can expect a high quality TV stand.
    sku: TK-18
  • Trewick Oak Narrow Bookcase

    If you have a book collection that needs a home, but you're limited on space then look no further than this Trewick Oak Tall Bookcase. At only 60cm wide and consisting of 5 shelves, its narrow design ensures it will fit comfortably into any room. 

    sku: TK-19
  • Trewick Oak Small Bookcase

    A great piece of furniture for displaying ornaments or book collections, this Trewick Oak Small Bookcase has the ability to showcase its wares in exquisite style. Crafted from solid American Oak, this low bookcase keeps things within reach, whilst not blocking any essential wall space or windows. 

    sku: TK-15


  • Trewick Oak Small Coffee Table

    Perfectly proportioned our Trewick Oak Small Coffee Table is a great place to sit around for a drink and a chat. The undershelf provides a great place to keep all manner of items. Built to last, in sturdy solid oak, this is a high quality coffee table perfect for traditional homes. 
    sku: TK-14


  • Trewick Oak Telephone Table

    We call this a Telephone Table but it's really a versatile unit that could be used anywhere from cloakrooms, bathrooms and even bedsides. Small and perfectly formed, this Trewick Oak Table provides ample storage for it's size. Crafted to our usual high standards and finished with brass effect handles.
    sku: TK-12
  • Trewick Dining Table

    The Trewick Oak Dining Table is great for adapting from family-size to banquet-sized using a butterfly extending system.

    sku: TK-24


  • Trewick Large Dining Table

    If you love to entertain than this attractive Trewick table could help you do so in style. Beautifully veneered, this table can transform in seconds from a standard family size to a small banquet table using a simple butterfly system, which can be operated by a single peson.

    sku: TK-25


  • Trewick Round Dining Table

    A round dining table with a clever butterfly extension section for when you need to entertain.

    sku: TK-26


  • Trewick 3 Drawer Bedside Unit

    An essential piece of furniture for all bedrooms, this 3 Drawer Oak Bedside Unit in the Trewick range offers a sturdy and attractive proposition when it comes to deciding what to place next to the bed. 
    sku: TK-30


  • Trewick 4 + 3 Chest of Drawers

    The Trewick 4 + 3 Chest of Drawers is great addition to any traditionally styled bedroom. This chunky seven drawer oak chest consists of 3 full size drawers below 4 half width drawers to provide individual storage compartments for your clothes. Combining exquisite style with great functionality and organization, you can't go wrong with this chest of drawers.
    sku: TK-31


  • Trewick Chest of Drawers

    If you need a little additional space, this 4 drawer Trewick chest offering could be just the ticket! Consisting of 4 full width drawers it offers a huge amount of storage potential for everything from socks to blankets. Crafted from solid wood and finished with beautiful brass effect handles, this chest of drawers will fit perfectly into a traditionally styled bedroom.

    sku: TK-32


  • Trewick Wide Chest of Drawers

    The Trewick Oak 7 Drawer Chest is a longer than standard, impressive storage unit that takes no prisoners when it comes to looks, build and capacity. When maximum storage in a stylish format is needed, look not further than this Chest of Drawers. Crafted from solid oak, this chest is beautifully finished with brass effect handles to complete the look.

    sku: TK-37
  • Trewick Narrow Chest of Drawers

    If space is an issue, this Trewick Narrow Chest of Drawers could easily provide a solution. Standing head and shoulders above its contemporaries, this thinner than standard chest has 5 solidly crafted, generously sized drawers that should provide ample storage for most users. 

    sku: TK-39
  • Trewick Oak Mirror

    Our Trewick Oak Mirror is a good sized mirror that is designed as an addition to our chests of drawers. Perfect for adding light and the illusion of extra space into any room, this mirror comes complete with assembly brackets.
    sku: TK-33
  • Trewick Oak Dressing Table Mirror

    This oak dressing table mirror is a perfect addition to our Trewick dressing table & stool, and great as a standalone item for bathrooms and en-suites. Crafted from solid oak, this mirror is built to our usual high standards.
    sku: TK-36
  • Trewick Oak Gents Wardrobe

    Providing useful storage space with options was on the agenda when they crafted this Trewick Oak Gents Wardrobe. A deep and abundant drawer sits beneath the main hanging area featuring dovetailed joints and solid dependable handles.

    sku: TK-38


  • Trewick Oak Triple Wardrobe

    If you're in need of a little extra storage space then this Trewick Oak Triple Wardrobe could be the answer to your prayers. Consisting of 3 spacious and deep drawers for folded items and a huge main section you could easily be forgiven for losing things in this! Crafted from solid oak to our usual high standards, the traditional look of this wardrobe is finished with brass effect handles.

    sku: TK-40


  • Trewick Oak Dressing Table

    Our Trewick Oak Dressing Table is perfect for both the bedroom and in a home office. Solidly constructed in oak and beautifully finished with brass effect handles, this table is a versatile piece. Dressing table or desk, the choice is yours.

    sku: TK-34


  • Trewick Oak Dressing Table Stool

    A perfect accompaniment to our Trewick Dressing Table, this faux leather padded seat is constructed using top grade oak, for maximum comfort and sturdiness. 

    sku: TK-35
  • Trewick Oak Display Cabinet

    The Trewick Oak glass fronted display unit is ideal for showing off your ornaments, photos, trophies, and more. Finished to an extremely high standard with metal handles and dovetailed joints, this unit will look great in any traditionally styled homes. 

    sku: TK-13


  • Trewick Oak Nest of 2 Tables

    An essential choice for any home, this set of Trewick Oak Nested Tables is a great solution for small rooms, or for simply serving as a feature point in a room. Beautifully crafted from top grade American Oak, this set of 2 tables is built to last a lifetime or more.

    sku: TK-09


  • Trewick Oak Large Storage Coffee Table

    This Large Trewick Oak Storage Coffee Table is perfect when you need a combination of functionality and style. A sliding top and 2 straight through drawers make for a perfect storage solution, whilst the quality oak build finished with antique-style handles will make this table a great accompaniment to any room.

    sku: TK-41


  • Trewick Oak Storage Coffee Table

    Combining style and functionality, this Trewick Oak Storage Coffee Table is great for taking prime place in the heart of your home, the living room. With a sliding top and 2 straight through drawers, this table provides ample storage; perfect for tidying away the toys when guests arrive.

    sku: TK-42
  • Trewick Oak Compact Sideboard

    When space is premium, but storage essential, the Trewick Oak Compact Sideboard is the perfect accompaniment to your home. This compact sideboard combines ample storage space, in the form of full width drawer and cupboard with adjustable shelf, and effortless style, with antique brass-effect handles. Available from mid-October 2015, reserve yours now.

    sku: TK-43


  • Trewick Oak Single Wardrobe

    In small bedrooms or guest bedrooms, the Trewick Oak Single Wardrobe provides ample storage space, with a minimal footprint at just 75cm wide. A truly adaptable item, you can transform this wardrobe into a stylish cupboard for any room, with 3 adjustable and removable shelves. This wardrobe is solidly built in stylish oak, this item does require self assembly.

    sku: TK-44


  • Trewick Blanket Box

    The trewick blanket box is a perfect accompanyment to the Trewick range and offers great storage potential.
    sku: TK-45


  • Trewick Bedside Unit

    The trewick bedside table is a 2 drawer unit with metal handles to match the Trewick range
    sku: TK-46