Narrow Chests of Drawers

Narrow Chests of Drawers When space is premium, but storage still essential, our narrow solid wood chest of drawers are an excellent solution for any room. With oak and pine options, our items are also part of a larger range, great for continuing a style throughout a room.

  • Lomo Oak 5 Drawer Narrow Chest

    If wall space is an issue, this 5 drawer tall chest could easily provide a solution. Standing head and shoulders above its contemporaries, this thinner than standard chest has excellent capacity

    sku: DEV-03
  • Calero Painted 5 Drawer Wellington Chest

    If space is limited, but storage essential, the Calero Painted 5 Drawer Wellington Chest, is the ideal solution for you. With ample storage from the 5 drawers, finished in beautiful ivory, finished with easy clean brushed steel knobs.

    sku: CAL-19